So… I’m not a lawyer, so this isn’t legalese. Use common sense.

Sample Code

Any sample code that I post that I own can be freely used unless otherwise stated.

Other people’s code belongs to them, so their terms apply.


I moderate comments. I reserve the right to publish the comments I choose to. By submitting your comment, you grant me permission to publish it here. You also certify that you have permission to do that.

I reserve the right to edit comments if I find it necessary. For instance, I do not publish profanity. If you choose to use profanity in your comment, I will probably either censor it using asterisks or just not publish it altogether.

Comment Policy

I’ll probably add to this if I find it necessary, but I’ll start with this. I reserve the right to change it if I want to.

  • Don’t be a jerk
  • Don’t use other people’s copyrighted material
  • Be constructive
  • Don’t use profanity. I don’t like it, and I also like to be able to have my young family members view my site.


I use Piwik for analytics. This collects a little bit of data about the visitors to this site. However, I respect my readers’ privacy, so I have turned on the setting to disable tracking cookies (I hope it worked…). It also supports Do Not Track. If you wish to opt out, you can either turn on Do Not Track, or do so below.